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HealthWorksAI’s Plan Finder is a freemium resource that provides comprehensive and up-to-date Medicare Advantage Plan benefit details based on plan ID. It also lets you compare benefits between plans side-by-side. Sort plans by cost, ratings, drug coverage, or many other attributes, and save your comparison to share it with others via Excel.

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Extensive information on the Medicare plan.

Plan Finder allows users to see the breakdown of any plan across every market in the US. It provides extensive Medicare Advantage plan benefit details. With everything from counties, actuarial values, TPVs, benefits cost, pharmacies, and much more, we'll provide you the information you need to understand the plan benefits in the most granular level.

Compare Medicare plans in seconds.

With Plan Finder, you can compare any two or more plans based on ratings, drug benefits, other benefits, cost, counties, number of enrollments, & more. It also features a color-coded grid that allows you to see how different plans stack up against each other and export this information to excel so that you can make an informed decision quickly and easily.

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More ways to slice and dice data.

Plan Finder’s trending data lets you compare the plan with the previous year and see how it's been trending. You can then sort the plans based on premium, TPV, and enrollments; and filter them based on benefits cost and plan type.

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