A MarketingIntel Webinar

Optimize Marketing
Effective Measurement

We discuss how to implement a Marketing Analytics Hub to efficiently analyze marketing performance and maximize ROI.


Advancements in marketing analytics have grown substantially in recent years due to increased data availability, further reliance upon cost-effective digital channels, and new capabilities in marketing technology. This growth now allows marketers to rely on real-time and historical engagement data for strategic planning vs traditional gut-based methodology. Innovative technology and tools provide the pillars to support the analytics required to make these complex, and costly decisions.

In this webinar, we explore the various ways marketers can accurately & efficiently measure critical data elements from numerous channels and create a harmonized analytic foundation. By implementing processes and technology to develop this foundation, organizations can realize immediate optimization with improvements in lead generation, conversions, and ROI. This is extremely prevalent in highly competitive markets, such as the Medicare Advantage, where every strategic decision requires fast and efficient access to complex data, accurate analytics, and a reliable single source of truth.

We also discuss how collecting data real-time from multiple sources can be accomplished, resulting in an all-in-one marketing analytics hub. With a clear picture of the marketing funnel and engagement trends, the ability to analyze the consumer path to purchase and multi-touch attribution becomes possible and marketing optimization, including advanced AI/ML methodologies, can then be realized. 

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