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The HealthWorksAI solutions suite, including our self-serve platform & extension team services, is designed to provide you with the advanced analytics required to support your strategic decision making, facilitate profitable growth, and simplify the analysis process for better results.

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xAI Solutions

Our xAI solution breaks down the enrollment influence of four verticals in each market; Product, Network, Marketing, and Brand. Payors can choose to focus attention on any verticals independently or combined by diving deeper into the respective vertical reports to uncover additional insights.



Developed to support the unique challenges of Medicare Advantage, ProductIntel combines advanced analytics with publicly sourced and plan owned data for strategic benefit design and product lifecycle management.



With 5+ years of Medicare Advantage market data accessible through a dahsboard that’s visually appealing and interactive, MarketIntel provides Payers with a single source to analyze the performance of competitors,benefit design, identify expansion opportunities and predict market evolution.



With NetworkIntel™, you can quickly analyze the competitiveness of each Provider Network in the market, compare composition down to the NPI, and increase the marketability of your networks.


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Medicare Advantage market

As a HealthWorksAI Insight subscriber, you will be among the first to receive a sneak peek at our latest market findings. You will get valuable insights into new trends and data that shape your understanding of this ever-changing Medicare Advantage market.

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