Are Ghost Providers Haunting Your MA Networks?

We will reveal the hidden network issues over a FREE 20-minute assessment.

Network accuracy is on CMS' radar! This free 20-minute analysis reveals ghost providers in your networks. Get a county-level breakdown to fight inaccurate directories & boost member satisfaction. Schedule now!

What if you could identify the exact number of ghost providers in your network?

We use our industry-leading network data intelligence to:

Uncover the total number of ghost providers across your entire network, or in a specific county of your choice.

Demonstrate the power of clean data with a personalized strategy to significantly reduce the number of ghost providers.

Frequently asked questions

Can the analysis be customized to target a specific county?

Yes! During the free 20-minute consultation, we can tailor the analysis to focus on your specific area of concern.

Beyond identifying ghost providers, can HealthworksAI help improve our network's overall efficiency?

Absolutely! Our data intelligence goes beyond ghost providers. We can identify network gaps, analyze provider utilization trends, and recommend strategies to optimize your network for better cost control and member satisfaction. Checkout our NetworkIntel page for more info.

What kind of actionable insights can be expected from the analysis report?

We'll provide the estimated number of ghost providers within your chosen area, along with recommendations for data cleansing and network optimization strategies.

What is the impact of ghost providers on member satisfaction?

Many members rely on accurate provider directories to find in-network care. Ghost providers can lead to frustration and wasted time for members who struggle to schedule appointments with listed providers who are unavailable or out-of-network.

Stop letting ghost providers haunt your network performance. Schedule your free, no-obligation analysis today and see the power of clean data in action.

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