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NetworkIntelmakes it simple to assess the competitiveness of each network in the market, compare composition down to the NPI, and boost the marketability of your networks.

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As the health insurance market matures and competition intensifies, Provider Network composition has become a key differentiator for many payors.

NetworkIntel provides a single source for Provider Network analytics, including a 360° competitive market view designed for payors. NetworkIntel delivers the key metrics, data, and analytics needed to make strategic decisions on market positioning. Whether strengthening existing markets or entering new ones, NetworkIntelenables analysis at all levels.

Know your market... and those you want to compete in!

You can’t be the best without knowing how you stack up against your competitors. So, understanding the complexities of each market and the strength of competing networks is critical to success. NetworkIntel™ provides an intuitive market overview, allowing you to quickly understand the distribution of networks and their relative strength, all mapped to their respective plan IDs.

Analyze the strength of every network with our proprietary 'Provider Network Score.'

With NetworkIntel™, you can easily see who’s on top of their game and who isn’t. Our proprietary network scoring methodology analyzes each network’s size, depth, composition, and quality, respective to the market, and scores on a relative scale. In addition, our proprietary NPI Index, an essential input for our network scoring methodology, ranks each NPI on their influence (or marketability) in the market, ensuring networks with key physicians and hospitals have a greater competitive edge.

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Deep dive into competitors' network composition.

Understanding the exact design of competitive networks is critical when optimizing your marketability. With NetworkIntel, you can access and analyze the complete composition of networks down to the NPI level.

Our Network Comparison & NPI Search features provide access to a comprehensive data set for last mile analysis. Whether comparing the NPIs of two networks or mapping back physicians and hospitals to their respective networks, NetworkIntel™ provides the data for online analysis and download.

Frequently asked questions

Is NetworkIntel only available for the Medicare Advantage market? What about Commercial, Individual, and Medicaid?

NetworkIntel has data to support all lines of business. However, we specialize in Medicare Advantage.

How can I know which PCPs, specialists, or hospitals to include in the network in a particular county or state?

HealthWorks' NPI Index can help ascertain which providers are most influential in each network. The NPI Index is HealthWorksAI's proprietary metric for each NPI that indicates its influence on the market. We assess each provider from multiple perspectives to determine their NPI Index, such as:

  • How active the provider is in the Medicare market.
  • Quality of care metrics of the provider
  • For high-cost providers, what is the value of care provided by the providers?
  • How active is a provider in managing preventive care of their patients?
  • The number of beneficiaries each provider has access to
  • The number of payer organizations that have trusted the provider to provide care to their beneficiaries

Can I find PCPs or hospitals by county or zip code?

Yes, you can search for providers via zip code or county within a 10, 30, or 60-mile radius.

What is your provider network data source, and how do you enrich it?

Provider data is sourced directly from the payor organizations or indirectly via the online provider directories.

After the data is sourced, it is standardized and harmonized using a diverse array of publicly available and privately developed data resources. Certain algorithmic and computational approaches, like fuzzy logic, are also applied to further the data quality and completeness.

The final data is then further enriched with multiple analytical insights, such as how active a provider is in preventive care, and compare the provider against risk-adjusted benchmarks in the geography.

Why do I need NetworkIntel™?

You no longer have to pull provider network data from 10 different sources and attempt to match and make sense of them.

NetworkIntel™ can help you assess and optimize your networks by identifying the providers who provide high-quality care and keep expenses down.

How are provider quality scores evaluated?

We pull quality scores from multiple sources and then present a curated, harmonized view to you as a one-stop shop to access all the information you need about the provider.

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