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What Does NetworkIntel™ Deliver?

Powerful new features with the most accurate & comprehensive provider network data set that enables you to quickly analyze & optimize your provider networks and gain a competitive edge.

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Are you interested in finding out what actions you can take to optimize your provider networks using NetworkIntel™'s Provider Network Analytics?

Key Features:

✅ Compare multiple physician groups side by side offering a comprehensive view of each group's NPI, specialties, and physician roster.

✅ View provider distribution via heat maps that visually display the geographical spread of physicians in a selected group.

✅ Understand if a physician's group affiliation is primary or secondary and gain insights into affiliated payor networks for competitive assessment.


Enhanced Group Affiliation Searches

provider network analytics

Refine Group Affiliation searches by Geography, Specialty, and Group Type - from options like solo practices, small groups, medium groups, large groups, or those owned by a health system. 🔍👥🏥

Provider Network Scorecard

Empowering Informed Network Decisions

Provider Network Analysis

Efficiently assess the competitive positioning and overall marketability score of any MA network, and dive deeper into the specialist composition. 👥🔍⚖️

Key Features:

✅ Study the relative market rank of any Network and map the enrollment impact through the affiliated Medicare Advantage plans.

✅ Get a clear picture of network composition with a breakdown of PCPs, hospitals, and specialists, segmented by taxonomy.

✅ Easily identify network distribution by viewing the distribution of PCP, Specialists, and Hospitals across the service area.

✅ Verify and maintain provider locations for regulatory compliance, quality care, and financial integrity.

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Key Features:

✅ Efficiently compare multiple networks side-by-side in seconds.

✅ Analyze provider and hospital data in detail, provided at the NPI level with a download option for last-mile analysis.

✅ Identify unique providers exclusive to each network & those shared with competitors.

✅ Specialty Identification: Quickly determine if a provider's specialty is primary with high confidence.

Provider Network Comparison

Refined Network-to-Network Comparisons

provider network analytics

View deeper into the design of each network, revealing its true strengths, key differentiators, and areas of weakness. Through this, you gain an unmatched understanding of both your competitors' and your own networks' marketability. 💪🔍🚀

NPI / Geo Search & Download

Explore Providers & Map Their Affiliations

provider network adequacy analysis

Every provider detail in the platform is at your disposal: NPI numbers, presentation names, specialties, group affiliations, hospital affiliations, Medicare Advantage network affiliations, and even NPI-level scoring! 💼🔍📊

Key Features:

✅ Easily find providers with a geographical search at the zip code level with radius options and hospital affiliation filters.

✅ Prioritize network expansion with our multi-factor NPI index ranking for Providers' quality & value scores for hospitals.

✅ Map physicians to their affiliated Provider Groups and Hospitals to ensure they meet the unique needs of your network.

Frequently asked questions

How can I know which PCPs, specialists, or hospitals to include in the network in a particular county or state?

HealthWorks' NPI Index can help ascertain which providers are most influential in each network. The NPI Index is HealthWorksAI's proprietary metric for each NPI that indicates their influence within the market. We assess each provider from multiple perspectives to determine their NPI Index, such as:

  • How active the provider is in the Medicare market
  • Quality of care metrics
  • For high-cost providers, what is their value of care relative to cost
  • How active each provider is in managing preventive care of their patients
  • Geolocation and access to patients
  • Affiliations and relationships

Can I find PCPs or hospitals by county or zip code?

Yes, you can search for providers via zip code or county within a 10, 30, or 60-mile radius.

Why the top healthcare payors use NetworkIntel™’s Provider network analytics?

• Easily access the largest Provider Network Analytics dataset on the market
• Increase membership by including the most sought-after physicians
• Analyze market conditions, including hospital and physician quality ratings
• Measure provider network competitiveness and increase positioning

What is your data source for provider network analysis, and how do you enrich it?

Provider network analysis data is sourced directly from the payor organizations or indirectly via the online provider directories.

After the data is sourced, it is standardized and harmonized using a diverse array of publicly available and privately developed data resources. Certain algorithmic and computational approaches, like fuzzy logic, are also applied to further the data quality and completeness.

The final data is then further enriched with multiple analytical insights, such as how active a provider is in preventive care, and compare the provider against risk-adjusted benchmarks in the geography.

Why do I need NetworkIntel™?

You no longer have to pull provider network analytics data from 10+ different sources and attempt to match and make sense of them.

NetworkIntel can help you assess and optimize your networks by identifying the providers who provide high-quality care and keep expenses down.

How are provider quality scores evaluated?

We pull quality scores from multiple sources and then present a curated, harmonized view to you as a one-stop shop to access all the information you need about the provider.

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*Factors - The provider network score is assessed by analyzing multiple key factors, including the number of providers, their specialties and geographic coverage, network size and mix, access, marketability, as well as provider influence and quality ratings.

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