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Sitting at the intersection of business, math, and technology, HealthWorksAI marries complex data sources then adds proprietary methodology for segmentation, simulation, and analysis to help clients discover the ecosystem in a new light. The result? Easy and efficient access, with crisp visualization, for Market Intelligence, Product Intelligence, Winning Plan Design, Marketing Optimization and Enrollment Predictions.

Our Story

HealthWorksAI was launched under the unified vision that those in the healthcare industry should be able to respond quickly, efficiently, and accurately to the needs of the market. To achieve this vision, access to real-time data in a consumable format was an absolute necessity.

We empower our clients by eliminating archaic methods of collecting, transforming, and analyzing data that takes up priceless time that they simply do not have. Instead, HealthWorksAI uses sophisticated and automated data harmonizers, efficient big data systems, advanced statistical knowledge, and intensive domain experience to create Insights.

Development of the original HealthWorksAI platform began in early 2016 following a design partnership with a national payer in the Medicare Advantage space.

Recognizing that stakeholders across Product Strategy, Market Strategy and Analytics required a more efficient solution for acquiring, aggregating & analyzing complex healthcare data sets, the Market Intelligence suite of HealthWorksAI was released to the Medicare Advantage ecosystem.

Over the next 12 months, our team engaged with industry thought leaders, consulted with domain experts, and designed the most ideal and flexible platform to meet the growing needs of the market. Even to this day, the HealthWorksAI team continues to enhance the existing platform with advanced functionality, as well as develop new products and services based on evolving market conditions.

The Leaders

Behind Our Success

The backbone of every organization are the leaders who guide them. We are a collective of leaders, innovators, advisors, and analytical experts working unitedly for the benefit of our clients. We believe in remaining inquisitive, learning something new every day, to continue solving the complex challenges of our clients and the industry as a whole.
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Arvind Nagpal

Product Strategy

Peter Rodes

Growth Strategy

Blayne Elliott

Sales Leader


Sujitesh Das

Advisor for Operations & Enablement

Puneet Budhiraja

Advisor of Actuarial Science

Ryan Conran

Advisor of Product Strategy

Zach Kosky


Our Presence

We’re proud to empower organizations across the US. From multi-state insurers to regional plans, HealthWorksAI’s platform and services are configured to meet the unique challenges of each client. This map demonstrates the volume of satisfied clients who have leveraged HealthWorksAI to enhance their strategic decision making.
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