An AI-powered Medicare product development platform that delivers innovative Product and Market Intelligence solutions by leveraging public and private healthcare data.

What We Deliver?

Get a better understanding of your plans and the competition.

Healthcare data is constantly shifting, and outdated research can impact your plan design.
With ProductIntel’s AI-powered platform, you get the latest intelligence on market conditions.
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How It Works?

Managing benefit design has always been a complex balancing act. With CMS providing additional flexibility with Supplemental and Enhanced benefits in addition to SSBCI, the stakes have gone up significantly. Designed as a single source of truth for supporting data and analytics, ProductIntel provides Product Managers and Actuaries end-to-end strategic support for the entire product lifecycle. ProductIntel empowers a measure and manage philosophy by incorporating best practices of Data governance, product portfolio design, performance management, and continuous improvement.

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Increase your market share with the most innovative data.

ProductIntel powers Medicare Product Development teams with data intelligence to generate winning Medicare Advantage products and market strategies that saves time, reduce risks, and improves efficiency...
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