NEW AEP Enrollment Predictions as a Service by HealthWorksAI

Frequently Asked Questions

HealthWorksAI is an AI-driven organization focused solely on the healthcare vertical with a suite of self-service and full-service analytics & visual solutions. We empower our clients with insights at the speed of business to make complex business decisions.

Our self-service platform, Unlimited Analytics program, and dedicated extension teams support various teams within a payer organization. These include Product Development & Planning, Market Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Actuary, and Analytics.

We utilize a wide variety of technology and software solutions, include well-known applications such as Tableau, Python, SAS, Spark, Amazon EMR, S3, and SQL.

Our data scientists leverage our proprietary machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence in various aspects of our business. One notable example would be our AEP Enrollment Predictions which saw a 96.5% accuracy for the 2021 AEP.

Our Enrollment Predictions, Plan Simulators, Pre-Bid Analytics, and Market Expansion Analysis all include proprietary methodologies that are available to clients. We also leverage our various proprietary analytic capabilities to support clients with ad hoc requests through custom projects.

The HealthWorksAI self-service platform is available through a subscription program while both the Unlimited Analytics & Dedicated Extension Team programs can be leveraged through time or project-based agreement. Our pricing is easy to understand, and we promise a transparent approach. Our clients never realize the hidden costs!

The HealthWorksAI team is made up of a cross-section of key professionals. This includes industry experts, data scientists, engineers, data analysts, statisticians, developers, strategic advisors, and marketers.

Our platform is cloud-based and easily accessible from any system or mobile device.

For an overview of the platform, please submit a request for a personal demo where our team will walk you through the HealthWorksAI platform and answer any questions you may have.

Our standard platform subscription plan is 2 years and available in multiple tiers; Gold, Platinum & Titanium. For more information on the features included in each tier, schedule a personal demo with our team!

Depending on the subscribed tier and requested configurations, our on-boarding process can range between 3 days and 4 weeks. Most clients, however, are up-and-running in just over a week!

Absolutely! What good is a platform that does not meet your needs! Schedule your demo to understand how the platform can be configured & customized to meet your unique requirements.

All data provided in our platform is available for download with a few simple clicks. We also offer Data as a Service program which includes raw data outputs configured based upon client request.

Our data is sourced from a multitude of publicly available and private data sets. Our clients can also overlay their organizational data for a richer picture. A few notable public sources of data are CMS, Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor & Statistics,, and NAIC.

The HealthWorksAI platform contains multiple proprietary metrics, visually appealing dashboards, and rich data sources that can help with Bid Development. These include, but are not limited to, characteristics of winning plans, product design trends, multiple plan comparisons, competitor analysis, market snapshots, and proprietary plan simulators.

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