medicare advantage analytics
medicare advantage analytics

Real-time Medicare Advantage analytics for tracking enrollment trends, assessing market share, analyzing benefit packages & more for empowered decisions!

medicare advantage analytics

What Does MarketIntel+™ Deliver?

Not only growth analysis, plan ranking & MA market trends, but also swift PBP access, color-coded plan comparisons, AEP growth predictions & insightful enrollment patterns to empower your decisions!
⏱️Get ahead with HealthWorksAI's rapid 72-hour data access!

Predict, Analyze, and Expand in Medicare Advantage Market

Explore Medicare Advantage enrollment trends with cutting-edge AEP growth predictions. Shorten analysis time, uncover risk markets, identify potential markets for expansion, and stay ahead in the Medicare Advantage market.🔮📈🚀

Market Intelligence

Real-Time Medicare Advantage Market Analytics

medicare advantage analytics

Track enrollment trends, analyze growth & market share distribution, and explore opportunistic markets effortlessly! Power your decisions with analytics! 📊📈✨

Key Features:

✅ Shorten competitive analysis to minutes, easily analyze & rank plans by enrollment, market share, Stars, and other KPIs.

✅ Identify the next best markets for potential service area expansion with demographic, product design, and network fit analysis.

✅ Summarize AEP performance without the manual effort of data collation, segmentation, or weeks of analysis.

✅ Refine your up-to-date data with dynamic market filters for detailed and granular insights!

Key Features:

✅ Lightning-fast data access, with complete PBP details available within 72 hours of CMS release in October!

✅ Compare plans side-by-side with automated color-coded comparison and up to three years of historical data on demand.

✅ Evaluate overall plan investment with the HealthWorksAI True Plan Value (TPV), which measure beneficiary value above and beyond Original Medicare.

✅ Easily compare Part-D benefits and formulary details, including drug tiers and costs, without combining files.


Quick and Efficient Access to Plan Benefit Package (PBP) Data

medicare advantage pbp

Gain access to the complete plan benefit details for any Medicare Advantage plan, as released by CMS, without delay! Why waste countless days & weeks on manual processes while your competitors get a jump start on their market positioning? ⏳🔑💼

Evaluate Plans Quickly with Benefit Intelligence

Harness the power of Benefit Intelligence along with lightning-fast PBP data access. Compare plans side-by-side with automated color-coded comparison, evaluate investments, and outsmart competitors. Schedule your demo, we'll show you how it's done! 📊🔍💰


Study enrollment patterns to identify opportunities and benchmark growth

medicare advantage analytics

Analyze organizational Medicare Advantage enrollment trends both YoY & MoM, set accurate AEP enrollment expectations with precise predictions, track real-time AEP results against the goal, and quickly identify major AEP enrollment shifts immediately upon data release. 📆📊🔍

Key Features:

✅ Access multi-year organizational and plan-level enrollment trends with 96%+ accurate AEP growth predictions.

✅ Identify potential risk markets during AEP with real-time sales and termination data visualization.

✅ Quickly spot major AEP enrollment shifts by competitors and analyze the likely cause(s) for the disruption.

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