Remote Working with HealthWorksAI

Remote Working with HealthWorksAI

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Traditionally, company culture has been shaped by the physical settings and interactions that occur within an office environment. This includes everything from how employees dress and behave to the layout and decor of the workspace itself, which can then range from modern open-plan offices with ping-pong tables to traditional spaces with wood paneling and leather chairs.

Then there came the hybrid work model, which is like a silver lining in the cloud – on the one hand, it provides the flexibility of remote work, while on the other hand, it allows for in-person collaboration and communication.

The hybrid work model is often seen as a temporary solution to adapt to changing times, but it’s just a band-aid that fails to address the deeper issues. With a hybrid model, employees are still bound to a city where the employer is based, limiting their opportunities and compromising their work-life balance.

How it began?

In the days before Covid, our team at HealthWorksAI worked from an office in Bangalore. But then came the pandemic, and it brought forth a seismic shift in our operations, catapulting us into the realm of fully remote work.

While this shift seemed difficult at first, we soon discovered that work continued to flow seamlessly. Our team members had dispersed to 18 different cities, and it became abundantly clear that attempting to corral everyone back into a physical office would only disrupt the newfound convenience they had grown accustomed to.

As the world cautiously reopened, we made the audacious decision to downsize to a modest workspace as not everyone could return to the office. Individuals resumed office with the expectation of eventually working remotely. And we recognized over time that the job was not connected to the location but to the tasks, prompting us to boldly transform into a 100% remote company.

How it is going?

How we work is evolving, and HealthworksAI is at the forefront of this change. Our remote working culture has allowed us to attract top talent from around the world. Gone are the days of being restricted to hiring candidates within a commutable distance from the office. Now, we can seek out the best talent from around the world, opening a vast array of possibilities and bringing fresh perspectives to our teams.

We have witnessed a significant boost in productivity as remote working helped us to reduce the distractions and inefficiencies often associated with office environments. Studies show that employees working remotely tend to be more focused, experience fewer interruptions, and have fewer absences.

Additionally, remote working lead to reduced overhead costs. Without a physical office, there is no longer a need for costly utilities or maintenance fees, etc.

We were able to save a reasonable chunk which we redirected towards investing in our employees’ well-being, professional development, and other initiatives like our “portable office” that helped us to enhance company culture and productivity.

Remote working culture led us to prioritize work-life balance, allowing employees to structure their workdays according to their needs. This flexibility will enable them to spend quality time with their loved ones, pursue personal interests, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Remote working fosters greater job satisfaction and overall well-being by creating a harmonious equilibrium between professional and personal life.

It empowers employees by placing trust and autonomy in their hands. Instead of being confined to rigid schedules, individuals can design their work environments, establish their own workflows, and determine the optimal hours for maximum productivity. This autonomy nurtures a sense of ownership and accountability, stimulating creativity and self-motivation.

We love how it breaks the shackles of location dependency, enabling employees to work from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a cozy café in a bustling city, a serene beachside retreat, or the comfort of their homes, individuals can choose the environment that best fuels their inspiration and productivity. This geographical freedom allows them to embrace new cultures, explore different landscapes, and develop a global perspective.

Cultivating a Thriving Remote Culture

Collaborative Environment

HealthWorksAI fosters a collaborative work environment despite being a remote company. We provide our team members with the tools they need to collaborate effectively, including communication software, task management tools, and regular check-ins.

The weekly calls with teams ensure that the team members are always on the same page. Activities like employee of the week help to appreciate their efforts which motivate them always to do better.

Effective communication and collaboration lie at the heart of a thriving remote working culture. Employers must invest in robust digital tools that facilitate seamless communication, project management, and knowledge sharing.

Platforms like video conferencing, team chat apps, and collaborative document editors promote real-time interaction, fostering a sense of camaraderie and connection among remote teams.

Remote Working with HealthWorksAI

Employee Appreciation

At HealthWorksAI, we believe that our team members are more than just employees. They are valued members of our community, and we go above and beyond to show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

We do this by sending gifts to our team members on different occasions like joining, promotions, weddings, and other life-changing events. This practice shows our team members that we care about them on a personal level and fosters a sense of family within the organization.

Remote Working with HealthWorksAI

As a remote company, it can be easy for team members to feel disconnected from their colleagues and the company.

However, by showing our team members that we care about them, we help to bridge this gap and create a stronger sense of community. This, in turn, leads to a more positive work environment.

Embracing Diverse Cultures

Discovering and embracing diverse cultures is essential to our company’s DNA. That’s why we’ve nicknamed our employees “Genies” because we know they have limitless potential to achieve anything they set their minds to. We believe in nurturing their growth, which is why we prioritize flexibility above everything else.

Our team provides a supportive and inclusive environment for our genies, offering a wide range of resources to help them wrap their arms around the diverse cultures that make up our world.

Remote Working with HealthWorksAI

At HealthWorksAI, we’ve put in a lot of effort to create a company culture where our differences are celebrated, and our collective growth is prioritized. We’re bursting with pride for what we’ve achieved so far but trust us; the best is yet to come!

So, hold on tight because the road ahead of us is even more thrilling! We’re constantly striving to enhance our company culture, and we can’t wait to share all the exciting developments with you.

Keep your ears open for updates on how we’re taking HealthWorksAI to the next level of awesomeness!

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