NEW AEP Enrollment Predictions as a Service by HealthWorksAI

Product Design Webinar Series, Part 1

2021 AEP Enrollment Outcome & Trend Analysis

An analysis of the 2021 AEP enrollment data as we dive into year-over-year trends, regional variations, and emerging markets.

Each year, Medicare Advantage Product Teams face multiple challenges as they attempt to design plans that valuable coverage for their beneficiaries, are competitive in each region, and can remain finically viable in the long-term.

Therefore a deep dive into the Post AEP is so critical. It allows each Product Manager to explore where the market is, predict where it is going, and identify key strategic insights required for the upcoming bid submissions.

In this webinar, we will explore both national and state level enrollment trends along with the various segments of data to uncover how the 2021 AEP compared to previous years. We will also do a deep dive into the performance of various parent organizations to uncover key insights which will drive 2022 planning.

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