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Product Design Webinar Series, Part 2

Membership Attributes & SSBCI Planning

Aligning benefit design, including SSBCI, to membership attributes.

Product Managers have always faced the difficult challenge of designing a benefits package that serves the needs of their membership, provides quality care at competitive rates and meets the nuances of each specific market. Given the additional flexibility of SSBCI, they now can also cater to the specific needs of various population segments.

Therefore, the ability to access, analyze and operationalize Membership Attribute information is critical. This refined analysis enables Product Manager to explore the SDOH factors and chronic condition prevalence of their member base, compare against the market benchmark, and identify key strategic insights required for the upcoming bid submissions.

In this webinar, we will explore ways to efficiently monitor chronic condition prevalence, observe utilization trends across member segments, and measure the impact of offering SSBCI in your PBP.

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